Saturday, May 1, 2010


Dragonspyre is the last world for now but soon a new world will come called celestia and Dragonspyre is were you beat Malistier, so be careful. Also I think after you finish that world you get quest from your teacher for a new spell not possitive though. :(



New Pet Abilities

There are four mini games for the pets to play. Each one is different like, there is one were you shoot your pet out of a cannon and you have to hit the hit. There is also one where your pets dances, the game gives you moves to copy but the further get in the game the faster and the moves get harder to copy. There is on where there is a maze and it's kinda like Pac-man. The last one is where your pet has to eat the falling food that the gobblers drop but if you eat the other objects you lose points.

Hope this helped,
Corwin Ogrehead

pets in test realm

The new expansion is awesome